Older Adult Support

Here at Gracious Australia, we provide personalised aged care services that ensure you can continue enjoying an active, healthy, and connected lifestyle. We will treat you with the compassion, dignity, and respect you deserve as you move toward retirement and beyond.

Daily Living Support


Never feel alone with Gracious Australia by your side.

We strive to help people aged 65 and over avoid the loneliness and social isolation that longer life brings. Our team will assist in building a solid network of family, community, and expert care to support you later on in life.

  • Have a cup of tea and a chat with your personal support worker
  • Participate in local community events and build new hobbies
  • Get help with visiting friends and family
  • Maintain relationships and form new social connections

Respectful Personal Care

We can help you live comfortably and independently in your home.

We know that older people make great contributions to their families and communities, but the extent of these contributions depends heavily on personal health. Our personal care services assist you in performing daily tasks, allowing you to maintain your privacy and dignity while looking after your physical and emotional well-being.

  • Support with bathing, washing, and dressing
  • Medication management to keep you in good health
  • Toileting and incontinence care
  • Assistance with mobility and walking

Connect with Service Providers

Healthy Meal Preparation

Eating well is key in tackling many of the issues that come with population ageing. We can arrange regular deliveries of fresh, delicious meals on wheels straight to your front door, or assist you in preparing your own healthy meals at home.

Accessible Transportation

For many people reaching older ages, being able to get out and about is essential for maintaining a sense of freedom and independence. We can help by arranging transportation services, from attending appointments to social gatherings.

Specialist Aged Care

Whether you require help with poor vision, hearing issues, or other health conditions, our links with several specialist care organisations mean we offer a comprehensive care package. We can also provide recommendations for high-quality respite, dementia, or palliative care services for old people if required.

Access the personalised supports you need with an

NDIS Approved Aged Care Provider

Gracious Australia is committed to providing the tools that older people need to thrive. We invite you to take a look at our full range of disability and aged care services, and discover how we can help you in one of our six locations across Western Australia.

Round the Clock Assistance

Feel safe and secure in your home.

At Gracious Australia, we take pride in arranging home care that is completely tailored to your situation, needs, and age group. Our expert aged care workers provide support at any time of day or night to help you maintain autonomy and lead a fulfilling life.

  • Receive regular welfare calls for your peace of mind
  • Work on preserving mobility and cognitive skills
  • Specialised in-home support for older persons with dementia
  • Respite care gives primary caregivers time and space to focus on their own well-being

Home Adjustments

Let us look after your physical health needs.

Being part of an older age group shouldn't restrict your human right to free movement. We can source suitable home modifications and high-quality assistive technologies to help you navigate your living space with confidence and ease.

  • Conduct a property evaluation to identify risks and hazards that come with population ageing
  • Install ramps, threshold covers, and grab rails
  • Source assistive technologies like chair lifts and personal safety alarms for your peace of mind
  • Help you adapt to these changes with full training and support

Book a Consultation With Our Expert Team

Enrich your life with our aged care services today

As an NDIS approved provider, we understand the daily challenges that older persons face. That's why our services for older people can be completely customised to meet the care needs of you or your loved one.


To help you discover how it could help you, we answered your top 5 questions on aged care. Check out our comprehensive FAQ page for information on every service we offer.

What is the Most Requested Support Service for the Elderly?

From help with self-care to money management, there is a wide range of support services available for older persons. These services continue to expand due to a demographic shift, which means that older people are generally living longer. However, the most popular service is often mobility assistance, helping the older population run errands, attend appointments, and navigate their homes safely.

What Services Are Available for Older Australians?

Aged care providers may offer services that improve independence, assist with personal care, or help an older person pursue their long-neglected passion. Some key examples include social support and companionship, meal delivery, transport services, and assistance with daily living for people aged 65 and over.

What Are the 3 Main Types of Aged Care Services in Australia?

The first type of care for older persons living in Australia is short-term, which offers respite or intermediate care. Another type is residential care, which is typically provided in permanent supportive environments like elderly care homes. Finally, home care helps older people perform everyday activities, whilst allowing them to live independently in familiar surroundings.

What is the Highest Level of Aged Care?

When it comes to home care for older women and men, there are 4 packages that cater to different needs. Whilst Level 1 involves basic aged care, such as help with household tasks, Level 4 addresses higher care needs, including daily nursing services.

What Types of Service Providers Are There in the Healthcare System?

The Australian healthcare system comprises a range of service providers who all work together to meet one of the United Nations' key Sustainable Development Goals, which is good health and well-being for all. Some of the main health service providers include general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, allied health professionals, disability service providers, hospitals, blood banks, and online health services.