Our supported accommodation services provide you with the freedom to choose where and how you live. We can help you live more independently, forge closer community connections, and access the higher level care that you need.

Daily Living Support

Short Term Accommodation

Take a break and let us help you feel refreshed.

As part of your Core budget, our short-term services will help you find temporary disability accommodation if your usual support network becomes unavailable for a short period.

  • Find a place to make friends
  • Develop new skills to increase your independence
  • Receive help with personal care
  • Maintain your current living situation through respite care

Mid Term Accommodation

We can take away the worry of finding temporary housing.

If your long-term home isn't ready to move into, don't panic. We can assist you in finding housing for up to 90 days and reduce the stress of moving home.

  • Source appropriate transitional accommodation
  • Deliver care services whilst your home modifications are being completed
  • Ensure you have access to assistive technologies, such as a ceiling hoist
  • Provide other home and living supports, such as assistance with daily life

Full-Time Accommodation

Feel safe, secure, and supported in your long-term home.

For NDIS participants with higher support needs, Specialist Disability Accommodation provides contemporary, accessible, and well-designed housing. Our expert team can help you find the best SDA providers to accommodate your needs and preferences.

  • Explore cost-effective housing solutions that are suitable for your particular needs
  • Enjoy bespoke, high-quality supported accommodation facilities
  • Receive in-home disability support with personal care and daily chores
  • Live independently and pursue your personal or career goals

Gracious Australia Supports You in Your Home

Form Connections Outside Your Home

Moving to a supported accommodation facility gives you the chance to build relationships with like-minded people. We can also assist you with getting out into your local community and forming new connections.

Maintain a Stable Support System

We take a holistic approach to higher level care. Our accommodation services therefore also consider the well-being of your caregiver, giving them the time they need to focus on their goals.

Gain Independence

Here at Gracious Australia, we prioritise respect and dignity. Whilst assisting you with daily tasks, we'll help you build the skills and self-esteem needed to flourish independently in your home.

Discover your dream home with an

NDIS Approved Provider

Take a look at our full list of disability support services, and see how an NDIS registered provider like Gracious Australia can help you enjoy life in your supported accommodation.

Supported Independent Living

We can help you live confidently and independently in your home.

Ideal for those with higher-level care needs, Supported Independent Living offers assistance in performing daily tasks around your home. Retain autonomy and control over your choices, whilst building new skills for the future.

  • Receive personalised care at any time, day or night
  • Learn new skills, like cooking and cleaning
  • Build friendships in your shared home and local community
  • Relieve the financial burden of expensive housing

Access to Respite

Get the space and time you need to be independent.

Respite gives carers the chance to rest, recuperate, and maintain relationships, whilst helping clients build confidence in new environments. Benefit from a breakaway, safe in the knowledge that your particular needs will be cared for.

  • Foster healthy separation by taking time for personal needs
  • Develop new skills outside of your usual home environment
  • Build social and community connections
  • Continue receiving top-quality personal care

Book a Consultation With Our Team Today

We can find housing to suit your particular needs.

Our supported accommodation support service is completely flexible based on your unique situation, care needs, and goals. Find support near you by choosing one of our six locations across Western Australia.


We answered your top 4 questions on our supported accommodation services. To find out more about the services we provide for your particular needs, check out our comprehensive FAQ page.

What is Accommodation Based Support?

Supported accommodation is a type of housing support that provides care for those with very high support needs. This includes Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) for people with physical disabilities and mental health conditions, as well as care homes for older people who can no longer live independently.

What is the Difference Between SIL and SDA Housing?

Both SDA and SIL are designed for NDIS participants. Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provides specially designed housing for those with an extreme functional impairment. In contrast, Supported Independent Living (SIL) offers on-site support for individuals who live independently within shared accommodation.

Can You Have SDA Without SIL?

If you're eligible, your plan can consist of either one or both types of supported accommodation funding, which are SDA and SIL. SIL can help those with particular needs live independently at home, whilst SDA offers a type of housing for people with very high support needs.

What Are the 4 Types of SDA?

The support that NDIS participants receive through Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) will fall into one of four categories. This includes improved livability, fully accessible, high physical support, and robust. Each category offers different levels of support for those with particular needs, from provision for people with mild cognitive impairment to those with more extreme functional impairment.