Daily Living Support

Our daily living support services are designed to help you or your loved one live comfortably and safely at home. We offer a friendly helping hand, assisting you in building the functional independence and confidence you need to thrive.

Daily Living Support

Personal Care Services

Together, we can help you look and feel your best self.

Our friendly support workers are available round the clock to assist you in overcoming daily living challenges. We provide company, safety, and compassionate care that will help you feel more confident in your home environment.

  • Complete self-care tasks like washing and dressing with ease
  • Take the burden off managing medications
  • Stay healthy with meal preparation and shopping services
  • Get a helping hand with daily living house and yard maintenance

Daily Living Support Catered to Your Needs

We take a holistic approach to care.

Our services are completely customisable, based on every person's ability, living situation, and goals. Let us build a daily living support plan for you or your loved one that puts your needs at the forefront.

  • Help you make positive, informed decisions about your care
  • Assist with activities of daily living and personal care
  • Provide daily living skills training to encourage independent living
  • Treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve

Feel Supported with Gracious Australia

Enhance your quality of life

Spend less time battling activities of daily living. Instead, put your energy into building connections and exploring new hobbies.

Build new skills

We break daily living tasks down into manageable steps. This provides the vital support you need today, whilst cultivating crucial skills for tomorrow.

Nurture your confidence

Our person-centred approach can help you reclaim your independence, offering the boost of self-esteem needed to conquer challenges head-on.

Improve everyday life with your

NDIS-Approved Provider

Take a moment to review our full list of daily living support services. Discover how we help those in our care lead the happiest, healthiest lives possible.

Providing Core Supports

Your comfort and care are our priority.

Let us help you navigate your activities of daily living. We'll face challenges together, developing strategies to help you tackle any emotional and physical functioning problems that may be limiting your functional independence.

  • Connect you with trusted allied health professionals to improve your health, wellness, and general day-to-day functioning.
  • Stay connected with local social and community participation activities to build relationships with like-minded people in your area
  • Develop confidence in travelling to appointments with the assistance of a dedicated support worker
  • Take pride in your daily living space by getting help with housecleaning and home maintenance

Develop Daily Living Skills

Get the support you need and watch your confidence grow.

Our capacity building services help you gain the skills needed to complete your activities of daily living with confidence. If you'd like to pursue more independent living, you can reach your goals with our support.

  • Learn to cook and eat healthy meals
  • Receive employment-related support and training
  • Get assistance with relationship building, including support to interact positively with others
  • Develop more complex thinking skills, such as budgeting and organisation

Book Your NDIS-Approved Daily Living Support Today

Let us help you navigate your activities of daily living.

As a registered NDIS provider, we don't believe that a physical disability or cognitive impairment should stop you from feeling fulfilled. Get the ball rolling by checking out our six primary locations across Western Australia and find the closest to you.


We answered your top 4 daily living questions. Find the answers below, or visit our dedicated FAQ page for a broader range of questions about our disability services.

What is daily living support?

Daily living supports individuals with a disability or cognitive impairment to complete a wide range of self-care tasks. The ADL disability (activities of daily living) assistance that they will receive depends on the person's ability, unique needs, and goals for the future. Daily living services aim to enhance a client's quality of life and equip them with essential independent living skills.

What is an example of daily living for NDIS?

Under the Core Supports budget, an NDIS plan can cover professional allied health assistance for people with disabilities, psychosocial disorders, and dementia patients. This provides funding for activities of daily living, including shopping and meal preparation, bathing and dressing, cleaning, gardening, and managing medications.

What can you use for assistance with daily life?

Your NDIS funding for assistance with activities of daily living can be used for a variety of self-care tasks. A support worker may help with anything from getting out of bed and showering, to assisting with household chores, meal preparation, and travelling. They may also offer skills training, including managing finances and learning how to cook.

What are everyday living expenses for NDIS?

The NDIS considers everyday living expenses to be costs such as rent, groceries, bills, and internet charges. NDIS funding does not cover these expenses, and should instead be used to pay for services that help with activities of daily living, mentorship, and local community participation support.