Reach your full potential with the support of our compassionate NDIS mentors. Together, you'll work through life's toughest challenges, set meaningful goals, and grow into the person you want to be. We'll help you feel socially, mentally, and physically confident.


Daily Support

Let's face daily emotional and physical challenges together.

Our trusted support worker will identify challenges linked to accessibility, communication, and everyday life. Develop problem-solving strategies and adaptive techniques that help you relay your ideas and resolve challenges more easily.

  • Receive guidance on resources like assistive technologies and community support services
  • Adopt coping mechanisms to process challenges with resilience and confidence
  • Identify risks to your well-being and help you enforce preventative measures against them
  • Provide self-development activities that help you interpret feedback and instructions independently

Living and Social Skills

Enter a safe space to discuss your personal challenges.

Our living skill development strategies help you find independent ways of cooking, shopping, and budgeting. We provide interpersonal skill development sessions to help you form social connections and maintain meaningful relationships.

  • Get capacity-building supports that help you engage in social and recreational activities
  • Promote skills linked to personal care, nutrition, fitness, and finance
  • Create and enforce social boundaries them in specific situations
  • Learn how to handle conflict in social and professional environments

Live a Fulfilled Life with Gracious Australia

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Mentors provide positive reinforcement by setting achievable goals and acknowledging accomplishments. We'll cultivate self-advocacy so you feel empowered in any situation.

Navigate Social Situations

Our coaching offers guidance on social cues, active listening, and adaptive communication techniques to enhance interactions. We create supportive social opportunities to connect you with like-minded individuals.

Nurture Your Emotional Resilience

Participate in empathetic conversations that identify emotional triggers and affirm coping strategies to relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, and frustration. Self-reflection can help you recognise your strengths and abilities for enhanced confidence. 

Speak with someone who understands

Approved NDIS Mentoring Services

Customise our mentor support plan to suit your independent needs and goals. Take time to review our full list of services and speak to our friendly team about further care we can provide.

Goal Setting

Our holistic approach carefully considers the goals that inspire you.

Let’s discuss the personal, professional, and lifestyle goals that drive you. We'll encourage skill development in these areas, helping you kick start new hobbies or progress in your current professional positions.

  • Acquire lifelong skills like cooking, preparing meals and cleaning
  • Learn to use public transport or save for trip and gain respective support
  • Get support with long-term passions, like gaining employment or pursuing further education
  • Establish smaller objectives like fostering a new routine to boost self-confidence

Make Positive Choices

Our goal is to empower informed decision-making.

We're committed to helping you make beneficial choices to enhance your quality of life and achieve your goals. Our mentors provide accessible information and help you evaluate your options carefully to reach a satisfactory outcome.

  • Review investments into equipment and home modifications
  • Empower you to choose what feels right
  • Provide a sense of autonomy while offering assistance in interpreting information
  • Develop critical thinking skills that support the decision-making process

Book NDIS-Approved Support Services with Gracious Australia Today

​​Connect with our reputable mentors to establish goals and develop lifelong skills. 

Working with a registered NDIS provider, such as Gracious Australia, solidifies your confidence in our support initiatives. Customise your mentoring plan to help us target your core objectives. Check out our six primary locations across Western Australia to find facilities local to you.


We listened to your top 3 questions. Find answers below. Please also visit our FAQ page for a longer list of common queries.

What Is a Mentor in the NDIS

NDIS mentoring helps people living with disabilities work through daily challenges like improving accessibility, conversing with other people, and living independently. They'll equip clients with the tools and skills needed for everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, maintaining personal hygiene, and building relationships. Mentors also help with larger goals like finding employment and accessing educational opportunities.

What are the 3 C’s in NDIS Mentoring?

Communication, collaboration, and connection. These values foster a mutual understanding between both parties and ensure mentors develop relevant strategies that benefit you. Each C contributes to building an open and honest relationship where you feel you can share personal stories that help mentors understand your feelings and thought processes.

Are Mentor Support Services Exclusive to NDIS Participants?

You don't necessarily need to be an NDIS participant to access with mentor support services at Gracious Australia. Our commitment to supporting people applies to young people and adults with physical or emotional disabilities, needing guidance navigating daily challenges and improving self-confidence. Our NDIS approval represents our quality standards, honest values, and trustworthiness.