Empowering Children with Disabilities

Living with a disability shouldn't impact your child's love for life. Our support services therefore help children with disabilities and their families live life to the fullest, putting no limits on their curiosity or excitement.

Help with Home Life

Get the support you need to support your child.

Trying to balance work commitments, household responsibilities, and your child's needs can be tough. Our disability services help to reduce some of these pressures by assisting with your child's daily care, providing some respite for busy parents.

  • Support whilst completing homework
  • Assistance with a range of self-care tasks like washing and dressing
  • Travelling to attend extra-curricular programs and activities
  • Encouragement to gain new hobbies and skills

Making Friends

Help children overcome their social anxieties.

Within early childhood, social situations are particularly daunting for any kid, but particularly for those with a disability. Autism can make empathising and interacting with others especially difficult, but our care facilitators are committed to helping children overcome these obstacles.

  • Learning key social skills through play with other children, helping kids develop rich social lives
  • Working on interpersonal skills, such as body language and eye contact
  • Teaching children the importance of empathy and kind gestures in building relationships
  • Finding and taking your child to clubs and activities outside of school that they may enjoy

Gracious Australia Can Help Your Child Thrive

Encourage Independence

Early intervention can make life much easier for children with disabilities, helping them to live independently and become confident in who they are.

Provide Respite

We understand that being responsible for a child with a disability can be hard. Our carers can provide the break you need to get back on track.

Set Children Up for Success

Our disability service providers lead by example, guiding your child in learning the key skills for their future life and successful career.

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NDIS-Approved Disability Services for Children

Browse our full list of disability services to see how we support children, young people, and adults with daily living activities. We strive to provide inclusive, customised care programs for all.

Personal Development

Let's work together to help your child flourish.

Making the most of our disability support services in early childhood provides your child with the tools they need to become more independent. We believe in empowering kids to grow, succeed, and navigate the world with confidence.

  • Learning to read and write
  • Introducing the concept of money and basic financial management
  • Teaching the skills children need for success in future employment opportunities
  • Helping children understand inclusion and human rights so that they are confident in how they should be treated

Flexible Support

We treat your child with the dignity they deserve.

Our disability services are holistic, so can be tailored to meet the unique needs of children and their loved ones. We listen with compassion, care, and empathy to create the highest quality care plan possible.

  • Coordinate therapy programs and other interventions for children with disabilities
  • Recommend appropriate investment into disability equipment and home modifications
  • Advise parents on the best NDIS support services and funding to empower both you and your child
  • Advocate for the inclusion of all children in schools, the community, and government policies

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Join us in creating a world where every child can thrive.

As a registered NDIS provider, our mission is to help children with disabilities live their best lives. We'd recommend checking which of our 6 locations across Western Australia is closest to you.



We answered your top 4 questions regarding children and young people with disability. For an overview of our common queries, check out our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

When is a Child Considered to Have a Disability?

A child is considered to have a disability if they have a medically determinable physical or mental impairment. This impairment may cause mild or severe functional limitations, ranging from trouble walking to difficulties with social communication and interacting with other children.

What Are the Most Common Disabilities in Kids?

The most common disability that may impact a child's development is intellectual disability. This refers to children who encounter difficulty learning at the expected level, taking care of themselves, and communicating their wants and needs. Other common disabilities include cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder.

What is it Like Having a Child with a Disability?

Although rewarding, caring for children with disabilities can be tiring. Due to their child's special needs, families may struggle to find sufficient time and resources for self-care. That's where disability services come in, providing an early intervention that allows parents and carers some respite to refuel.

How Can I Help My Child with Special Needs?

There are differences in the needs and characteristics of every child with a disability, meaning that the way that you support one will be different to another. However, one common principle is to approach challenges together from a calm, optimistic perspective. Educating yourself on your child's specific requirements is important, as well as seeking support from disability programs.