About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Gracious Australia was founded by a team of professionals who saw the need for strong, reliable, and approachable support for people living in Western Australia. We work with individuals living with disabilities and psychosocial disorders. We also extend our services to families in need.

Gracious Australia is a power base for individuals and groups in need of friendly, highly effective support. We provide various support systems and services to cater to each and every member of our Gracious Australia community.

Led by a passionate team of innovators, Gracious Australia is helping others take a step forward to better their lives.

Our Mission

We strive to make a difference. We offer unparalleled inspiration, support, and assistance to those in need. We’re driven by the belief that everyone deserves to lead a ‘normal’ happy and healthy life.

Gracious Australia is committed to providing compelling care with the utmost respect for our clients. We care for our members just as a family would.

Our Vision

We want to create a better life for as many people as we can.

We’re taking the 30+ years of combined support work experience between our founders to better the lives of those in our communities near and far. With the right tools, we believe anyone can find success.

We hope to become the leading choice of support for anyone seeking a team of dedicated, driven, and passionate individuals.

Daily Living

Live a more independent life with us by your side.

Our Daily Living Support services are entirely customisable based on our client’s unique needs and situations. Receive personal care plans for you or a loved one.