Community Participation

We recognise the value of community participation for your mental health and well-being. Our support workers will connect you to events to make important friendships, share skills, and access beneficial resources.

Community Participation

Form Community Connections

Our capacity building supports prepare you to handle social environments confidently.

Our connections facilitators will identify community activities like clubs and gatherings that help you meet like-minded individuals. Use these opportunities to make new friends and foster a sense of belonging within your local community.

  • We'll find activities like art classes and coffee mornings where you can socialise with others
  • Talk to people who empathise with your independent situation
  • Provide safe transportation to and from community events
  • Our tailored approach locates activities suited to your interests and goals

Find Networking Opportunities

Build a network full of beneficial resources and activities.

Work with a dedicated support worker to identify skill-enriching volunteer placements and educational classes. We'll help you connect with your peers while contributing towards common goals.

  • Develop communicative techniques and coping strategies to work through social anxiety
  • Identify virtual events, classes, and social media platforms where you can form connections
  • Introduce you to support groups where you can unite over shared stories
  • Share online resources for NDIS participants

Get Connected Through Gracious Australia

Receive Peer Support

We work with trusted event organisers who offer safe environments. Converse with peers at deeper levels to form more meaningful connections, preventing social isolation.

Find Inclusive Community Activities

We'll listen to your independent needs to identify activities that align with your communication style, mobility, and interests. Independence is key, so we prioritise activities you'll get the most out of.

Supported Social Interactions

Together, we'll work on building skills like active listening, communication, and interpreting social cues so you can lead interpersonal interactions with confidence. We can prepare questions and topics ahead of engagements for your peace of mind.

We invite you to work with a

NDIS Approved Provider

Social and community participation is crucial to achieving connectedness in the community, but we recognise that support should be holistic. Browse our full range of services to identify core supports that promote independent living. Let us know where you're from so we can connect you to one of our 6 facilities across Western Australia.

Maintain Connections

We alleviate daily stresses to create room for social integration.

Our support coordinator will relieve the pressures of chores and errands so you can focus on relationship-building activities. Regular check-ins let you raise concerns regarding relationships, enabling us to offer actionable advice.

  • Talk through challenges surrounding social interactions to remove challenges
  • Provide emotional support in handling new relationships
  • Set personalised goals encouraging you to engage with new people
  • Help you navigate virtual communicative spaces easily and safely

Develop Social Skills

Together, we'll work on skills that help you form reciprocal relationships.

We provide foundational support that equips you with new skills to participate in social and community activities. Not every disability is visible–we cater to people who find social interactions difficult mentally and emotionally.

  • Reinforce boundary-setting so you always feel respected
  • Personalised plans to build skills that align with your preferences and goals
  • Acquire professional skills that apply to real-world settings
  • Handle group participation, differing opinions, and conflict resolution together

Book a Consultation with Our Team

Access opportunities to meet new people and gain valuable experiences.

Our social and community participation services are entirely customisable. We strive to help you feel understood so you get the most out of your local community. If you or your loved one are feeling socially isolated, speak to our friendly team to create a care plan that's right for your situation.


We answered your top 4 daily living questions. Find the answers below, or visit our dedicated FAQ page for a broader range of questions about our disability services.

What Are Three Types of Community Participation?

Three types of community participation include active involvement in local events and gatherings, contributing to community projects and initiatives, and participating in interest-based groups. These forms of engagement empower individuals, build social connections, and promote a sense of community inclusion and shared interests.

What Are the Benefits of Community Participation?

Community participation fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment, reducing isolation for individuals. Engaging in community activities enhances social connections, providing opportunities for skill development, personal growth, and improved mental well-being. It promotes a supportive network, encouraging collaboration and shared experiences, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and fulfilling life for participants.

What Are Community Participation Activities?

Community participation involves joining local clubs like horse riding, joining a sports team, or attending a book club. Volunteer experiences provide fixed placements towards a consistent objective. Charity shops and fundraisers offer these roles. Workshops and educational courses offer personal development opportunities to refine specific skills.

Do You Need Community Participation Funding?

Gracious Australia works with NDIS participants who have received funding through their personal plan and people without. We're committed to unparalleled support and believe everyone deserves the right to secure social connections and resources.