Disability Support Services

Our disability support offers invaluable assistance that helps you lead an independent and fulfilling life. Whether you have a physical or psychosocial disability, we prioritise quality personal care, accessibility, and inclusivity.

Disability Support

Supported Independent Living

Our disability services ensure a dignified and equitable quality of life.

A member of our support coordination team offers help or supervision as you perform daily tasks around your home. Maintain autonomy over the choices you make with the comfort of knowing you'll remain safe.

  • Together, we'll cook and prepare nutritious meals that leave you feeling satisfied
  • Feel confident in our dignified approach towards personal care, like dressing, eating, and bathing
  • Enjoy living in a clean and tidy home
  • Share skills handling finances, appointments, and health checks

Access Home Modifications

Our personalised support services ensure you receive aid suited to your situation.

We believe your human rights encompass the ability to move freely. Let us adapt your living spaces to accommodate all physical needs and remove hazards that pose injury risks.

  • Receive a full property evaluation that considers your concerns
  • Feel confident moving around your home with grab rails, ramps, and threshold covers
  • Access assistive technology, like chair lifts and ergonomic chairs
  • Get full training adapting to measures and support adjusting to changes

Gracious Australia Cares About Your Needs

Goal-Orient Care Plans

Whether you want to achieve something big like saving money or regain independence preparing food, our disability support services foster a safe environment to share goals and create action plans to achieve them.

Assisted Personal Care

Respect and consent are two of our core values. While assisting you personally, we'll follow your lead so you feel comfortable receiving this direct support.

Respite for Caregivers

Our holistic approach considers the wellbeing of your at-home caregiver. We'll run errands, provide transport, and identify activities that enable your families to focus on their goals, too.

Your reliable

NDIS Approved Provider

Although our disability services offer well-rounded support, we recognise further needs, including better social integration, access to community activities, and companionship. Review our full list of services and let us know which support will be the most beneficial to you.

Skill Sharing

Enrich your life with the tools needed to live independently and engage in passions.

We’re committed to helping people with disabilities lead a “normal” fulfilling and happy life. Whether it's giving you the tools to handle daily tasks or develop hard abilities relating to your interests, we'll give you the life skills you need to thrive.

  • Develop independent living skills like handling food safely,
  • Manage your finances and learn how to budget
  • Participate in inclusive skill-building workshops and activities
  • Practise social skills to foster reciprocal relationships

Community Inclusivity and Social Support

Work with our connections facilitators to foster a sense of belonging in your local community.

Our vast community of kind, caring, and incredible people is one of our greatest assets. We'll connect you with local activities to meet like-minded individuals who share similar stories.

  • Work on your self-confidence so you feel empowered
  • Connect you with local clubs that accommodate your independent needs
  • Help you apply for voluntary placements that inspire you
  • Inspire you to participate in life-changing experiences

Our disability services are centred on compassion, innovation, and satisfaction.

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Access our unparalleled disability support services.

As an NDIS approved provider regulated by the Australian government, we're proud quality services with provide to people with all disabilities. Our team welcomes you to share your story and create a customised plan that caters to your needs. Reach out to get started.


We answered your top questions regarding our disability services. If you want to learn more about our team and the supports we provide, check our comprehensive FAQ page for more information.

What Is An Example of Disability Support?

Disability services strive to help you live a happy, healthy, and comfortable life. Assistive technology, like screen readers and mobility equipment, enables you to move around and complete tasks more independently. Personal care reinforces consistent routines, like getting out of bed and eating meals at regular times of the day. Therapeutic services work on your self-confidence, so you feel comfortable entering social situations independently.

How to Live Independently With a Disability?

Acquiring support from reputable disability service providers, like Gracious Australia, gives you and your family peace of mind knowing someone if looking out for you. You'll sustain autonomy over how you'd like to live your life, with added assistance, completing tasks important to you. You can become an NDIS participant to gain funding for home adjustments, like grab rails and bath doors for greater independence using the bathroom or other household facilities.

What Is Considered a Disability for NDIS?

To qualify for NDIS funding, eligibility hinges on a condition or injury leading to enduring impairment, be it physical, intellectual, auditory, cognitive, visual, neurological, or psychosocial in nature, ultimately resulting in disability. Autism, paralysis, or chronic illness are some examples. People who need mobility support or assistive technology to sustain a good quality of life also qualify.

What Does Independent Living Mean?

Independent living under the NDIS encompasses various aspects, focusing primarily on supporting individuals to lead a self-determined and fulfilling life. NDIS funding is dedicated to services aiding daily living, mentorship, and community participation—not for routine expenses like rent or groceries.